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Regular Membership: £50
  • Harvard degree holders
  • Joint membership for spouses / partners of Harvard degree holders

Recent Graduate Membership: £20
  • Harvard degree holders, graduating within the last 3 years (2021 - 2023)

Associate Membership: £60
  • Any person who has completed at least one semester as a student or as an instructor at Harvard
  • Any person who has received a certificate of completion from an official program of the University of six weeks or more
  • Honourary degree holders from Harvard University
  • Parents of current Harvard students

Current Harvard students: Free
  • Any student currently enrolled in a degree program at Harvard University

Over 75s Membership: Free

  • Any Harvard degree holder over the age of 75

We want to be inclusive and will consider hardship cases individually. Please contact membership@hcuk.org with concerns or if you're unsure which category you belong to.

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Regular Membership
Membership price:  £50.00

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Membership price: £60.00

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  Description:  Individual membership for Harvard degree holders or Joint membership for spouses / partners of Harvard degree holders
Membership price:  £50.00

Recent Graduate
  Description:  Recent graduates of any school within the last 3 years (2021 - 2023)
Membership price:  £20.00

  Description:  A person who has completed at least one semester as a student or as an instructor; anyone with a certificate of completion from an official program of Harvard of 6 weeks or more; honorary degree holders from Harvard University; parents of current students
Membership price:  £60.00

Current Student
  Description:  Current Harvard students
Membership price:  £0.00

Over 75s
  Description:  Any Harvard degree holder over the age of 75
Membership price:  £0.00

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