Challenges for the European Parliament 

A session with Secretary General Klaus Welle 



Dear Harvard Alumni, Dear friends, 


In October 2020, the Economist described the European Parliament as having increased its power substantially (think Brexit, trade deals, EU budget, making legislation for nearly 450 million people…) but still not very strong in the end with only a 51% turnout in European MEP elections, with the failure of the Spitzenkandidaten and with the Commission and EU Council, in the end, still leading the EU agenda. 

Where is the reality? How can Europe further strengthen its democracy? What is the role of the European Parliament? 


We are happy to invite you to a webinar with the Secretary General of the EU Parliament, Klaus Welle. He will share with us his view on the future challenges for the European Parliament and Europe in general. 


Date: January 27, 2021, 7.00pm CET (please note the timezone)

Registration: via Eventbrite 

Zoom link: Will be provided upon registration via Eventbrite 


We are looking forward to virtually seeing you there! 


Warm regards,


Jean-Albert Nyssens



Renée Haferkamp

Board Member