Virtual Charity Hackathon - ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO!

Leadership and Public service is central to the core of the mission of the Harvard community - more than in other schools, students and alumni know that it is imperative to "ask what you can do" – for your community, your nation and your world.


As part of this mission, we would like to invite members of the Harvard Club of UK to think about their commitment to public service in a variety of ways, including by participating in community works and volunteering their time and energy.


To this end, the Harvard Club of UK Public Service Committee will be organizing a Virtual ‘Hackathon’ to help one charity work on (and hopefully solve) a specific business issue.

Do you have strong problem-solving skills or any specialist skills relevant to running successful organisations?  

Places on this virtual hackathon are limited so please respond as soon as possible if you would like to participate.

Date: Thursday 12th November

Time: 7 – 8.30pm

Location: Zoom link to be sent to those confirmed as attending.

Please reach out with questions or to secure a place at this Virtual Charity Hackathon

Tamara at

Future virtual hackathons: If you are not able to join this event but interested in participating in similar events, then please reach out to us.

Please note that the charity will not be engaging in fund-raising activity.



“Hands On London” is our first Charity to take part in the HCUK Hackathon. This charity helps individuals find volunteer opportunities in the London area and beyond.  They are also responsible for the annual ‘coat drive’ to collect warm clothing for those in need during the winter months. HCUK has worked with Hands On London on numerous occasions because they are outstanding at configuring volunteer events that meet our members timing needs.

Read more about the charity here.

The question we can help them with is:

A client  or friend says to you something like ' I am really interested in finding a charity to support – either with my time, as a trustee or even, financially. “

What advice would you give them, what would you suggest they look for? If they were a really important client and you wanted to explore a few options for them - what would you be looking for? What would you check?


The CEO of Hands On London hope that some of your answers will eventually find themselves in their brochure and marketing materials.