Putting The Soul Back Into Business - Spring 2018 - Summary!


Thank you to everyone for generating another full house buzzing with ideas, energy and smiles at "Putting The Soul Back Into Business"! Panellists shared moving personal stories that led them to use the business world to create special spaces:     

  • Madeeha Ansari, Cities for Children - shared the brave journey that led her to find her own way to provide safe spaces for “invisible” children falling through the cracks in the slums of Islamabad. Welcoming links with mental health professionals, the publishing world to share children's stories -  and ideas for turning this into a sustainable venture (madeeha@citiesforchildren.cowww.citiesforchildren.co)
  • Elliott Rae, Music Football Fatherhood - shared personal moments that led to him to create a safe space for the “modern dad” to fully express themselves and discuss important issues like mental health and parenthood.  Also shared branding and marketing tips and how he is juggling this with a full time job!  Welcoming articles for his platform and to talk with anyone interested in working together to add value to our audience!  
  • Stephen Addison, Box Up Crime - shared a powerful story that led him to create a safe space for marginalised young people, encouraging them to step away from gangs and into sports.  He has created a social enterprise through unique boxing academies and ethical boxing gloves.  He encouraged us all to stay fit and strong!  Offering a job vacancy for an admin officer:  (Info@boxupcrime.org; https:/boxupcrime.org)
  • Charlotte Newman, Carefree Breaks - shared the moving story of her childhood as a 'carer' and how it impacted her career path, until at last finding her home with Carefreebreaks.  Looking to work with more corporates to build this initiative for supporting unpaid carers and connect with anyone that can open doors within the hospitality industry (cn@carefreebreaks.comwww.carefreebreaks.com)
  • Maya Mehta, Global Fellow, League of Intrapreneurs  -  spoke about her journey as a Social Intrapreneur; encouraged intrapreneurs to start their own spaces within organisations - Social Intrapreneur Hubs!  Where every level of the organisation together designs socially responsible initiatives, aligned with business strategy (soulintobusiness@gmail.comhttp://www.eship.ox.ac.uk/maya-mehta-cofounder-harvard-oxford-alumni-social-business-group)

   "Spotlight On The Audience" guests shared their initiatives:

  • Julian Stone, Kicking Off More than just a game; Using sport to unite global communities and initiate projects that address poverty, hunger, health and wellbeing, gender equality, quality education and clean water and sanitation; Looking for advice on grant/trust applications; access to senior charity lawyer (julian@kickingoff.org; www.kickingoff.org)
  • Jeannie Arthur, TallStick - an early stage social enterprise creating digital solutions that support autistic children, their parents and teachers; long-term goal of open sourcing data to model cognitive function of those with autism and improving their lives. Requesting introductions to schools who are actively looking to improve support to neurodiverse children (Jeannie@tallstick.cohttps://tallstick.co)
  • Katie Hyson, Business Fights Poverty  - uniting professionals from business, government, and civil society to build trust, work together and address the world's most pressing challenges; Requesting connections to intrapreneurs and businesses people caring about refugees (katie@businessfightspoverty.orgbusinessfightspoverty.org

Our next correspondence will be in the Autumn.  We welcome feedback and stories of connections made, ideas or impact generated - it keeps us going!  

Maya and Tamara