Announcing the Next HCUK Short-Haul Travel Excursion: Malta 3-6 November 2016

The next bespoke HCUK short-haul trip organised in association with SAT Travel should tick all of the boxes for most club members. Malta is a relatively little visited island country sitting 80km south of Italy, imbued with incredible multi-cultural history and architecture and possessing a year round climate that will offer a nice break from the UK winter. (For more detailed information see here and here.)

Like most of our short-haul trips, Malta follows our attempt to find a once in a lifetime destination to which most members would probably not otherwise travel. The attached itinerary details the full range of sights and events included but note that as with all of our trips the variable is air fare which can change up or down depending upon how quickly and how many club members sign up for the trip. Air fares may vary. At the same time, members are welcome to make their own air arrangements to use miles or otherwise benefit from travel on a different carrier.

The final booking deadline is 13 October so join no more than 20 of your fellow alumni/ae, family and friends for a wonderful four days filled with great sights, great activities and great camaraderie that should more than live up to the glowing reviews received from members who have enjoyed our past trips to St Petersburg and Iceland.

For further information and to discuss using alternative air travel, your best source is the dedicated HCUK representative at SAT Travel, Richard Winter at the number on the itinerary or by e-mail at . Alternatively, you can also contact the organizing club member Robert Gould at