Announcing the First HCUK Short-Haul Travel Excursion

Announcing the First HCUK Short-Haul Travel Excursion

As a number of you are aware, the club conducted an event for members and a follow-up questionnaire to gauge the interest for doing short-haul trips organized specifically for the HCUK. The idea was that these trips would be fun, interesting and educational but also a great way to meet and get to know other members. The results indicated substantial interest and revealed St. Petersburg as the most desired destination. Accordingly, in conjunction with SAT Travel, who have a long and sterling reputation for organizing bespoke travel, the club has put together an 11-14 June trip to St. Petersburg as described in the companion itinerary. Travelers will be limited to no more than 20 but there must be at least 10 to make the trip viable.

A note about cost: The tricky part is locking in the air fare component for this trip which is a function of both group size and timing. The quoted air fare on the companion itinerary is for deposits received by 19 March. (Yes, it is a short deadline but that is the cheapest air fare at the moment.) Depending upon how many club members respond by that date, the air fare could go up or down but SAT will refund upon request any deposits in the event of a price increase for the trip.

Please also note that while the club is offering this unique excursion, all of the mechanics of booking and executing the trip are handled by SAT as the club has no capability in this area. Therefore, any questions about the trip can be directed to the HCUK liaison representative at SAT, Richard Winter (020) 7420 3451 /

For further information from the club organizer contact: Robert Gould /

If this trip works out well, we will be offering other short-haul excursions in the future. Happy travels!