Current Students

British Undergraduates at Harvard

The Harvard Club of the UK is actively involved in supporting British student life at Harvard. The university cycle begins in June, with the newly admitted students being invited to London for a welcome reception to meet current Harvard undergraduates, recent graduates, and UK alumni, as well as other admitted students who will join them in their class. A number of students have commented on the fact that they first met and made long-standing friendships with fellow Admits at the June reception. Upon arrival at Harvard in September, the current Harvard College British Club takes over and welcomes the incoming group, usually with a restaurant outing. There is an informal partnering of seasoned Harvard British students with Freshman arrivals, and always someone to talk to (in addition to the university proctors and advisors) about the challenges of making the transition.

During the academic year, the British Undergraduate Club, which is funded by HCUK, holds several events as well as informally keeping connected. Often there is a Guy Fawkes party, a couple of winter events, and a Leavers’ “do” in May (this year a Leavers’ Ball at a Boston venue). The British club, while fully integrated into student life on campus, remains a valued network for those students who matriculated from the UK, and for whom a bag of Maltesers, or a discussion about UK politics, can be a comforting reminder of home. British graduates often return to the UK and join the HCUK Recent Graduates Club, maintaining connections to their classmates around the world.