The club is run by member volunteers who serve on its Board of Directors. We are fortunate to have enough dedicated volunteers that the workload for a club our size can be distributed among enough resources so that no one job is particularly onerous or time-consuming.    These volunteers are listed below.  Please feel free to contact any one of them to become involved in a particular area of club activity. All volunteers are welcome and no experience is necessary. See the Club Charter for details of how the club is run.


Martha Abbruzzese Genieser AB 1991

Co-Chair of Events Committe:
Caroline Costin-Wright AB 2001

Co Heads of Schools and Scholarships:
Libby Pierpont Engstrom AB 1981

Vicky Sanders AB 2005

Jordan J Evans AB 2006


Secretary and Administration:
Yuko Thomas AB 1992

Young Grads Committee:
Ian Mok AB 2005

Public Service Committee:
George Arvanitis GSD 1993

Caroline Chang JD 2001

Tamara Howard AB 1975

Prize Book Programme Coordinator:

Daphne Siniscalco AB 1999 MBA 2004

Other Board members:

Jasmine Zhang AB 2006


Prize Book Programme Coordinator:

Claudio Siniscalco AB 1997 MBA 2004

Center for European Studies/HCUK Internship Programme Chair:
Janice Bunstead EdM 1975

Club Administrator and U.K Interview Chair:
Verity Langley