Harvard at Oxford Inaugural Dinner

The Harvard@Oxford Steering Committee invites you to a Dinner: Re-Working Networking

Oxford and Harvard alumni are innovating together to Re-work Networking – and you are invited to join and to shape this initiative by attending a launch dinner at Balliol College, in the heart of Oxford, where the keynote address will be delivered by Lord Patten, Chancellor of the University of Oxford.
I write to you as Alumni Co-Convenor of Balliol Knowledge Networks and also a Harvard Law School alum (LLM ’91) and so I am happy to pass along the invitation already extended by Sir Drummond Bone, the Master of Balliol College, Oxford (and along with me, the College-Co-Convenor).
This is a joint initiative between Balliol Knowledge Networks and the Harvard Club of the United Kingdom and is styled the Two Johns initiative (after the Founders of each place, John Harvard and John de Balliol).
The strength of Two Johns starts from the proposition that alumni networks are stronger together and the Harvard and Oxford alumni gain better critical mass through a joint platform.  This seems a suitable move in the year of the 100th Anniversary of Harvard Club of the United Kingdom
Those familiar with Oxford will know the reputation of Balliol for UK public leadership, as has Harvard for U.S.  Whether you prefer the light-hearted exclusivity of Conservative Balliol alumnus Boris Johnson (“There are three universities—Oxford, Cambridge and Balliol—with the first two no match for the third”) or the transformative spin of Balliol alumna Yvette Cooper (“We ought to break up the Old Boys Network”), this is your opportunity to expand your existing London and outward-looking networks exponentially.
This is your invitation from Sir Drummond Bone, Master of Balliol College and the College Co-Convenor of Balliol Knowledge Networks.

We look forward to seeing you in Oxford on the day and consolidating Harvard@Oxford Networks afterwards.
Ronald Roberts
Alumni Co-Chair and Convenor