The Global Impact of the 2016 US Elections

 Please join us for a thought-provoking evening of discussion about the upcoming US elections
Date:   12 October 2016
6:30- Registration
7-8 – Speaker Presentations
8-9 – Audience Questions
9-10 – Reception and further conversation
Venue:  Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington St. London W1U 5AS.

Participants:  Alumni of Harvard, Brown, Tufts, Johns Hopkins and their graduate schools
Location:  The Hellenic Centre, Paddington Street, London (near Baker St. tube so very central)
Sponsoring Universities
John’s Hopkins / SAIS
Tufts / Fletcher
Dana Allin –  a SAIS graduate, Senior fellow at the International Institute on Strategic Studies focusing on US foreign policy and transatlantic affairs
Jim Rooney – a graduate of Brown and Harvard’s Kennedy School, principal consultant focused on advancing economic and social development
2 additional speakers pending final confirmation
Some of the topics which will be addressed:
What is behind the success of Trump and the attitude towards both candidates in the run-up to the election?
2.      Is any attention being paid to the Congress/Senate races and how will the likely outcome of these elections impact a Trump / Clinton Presidency?
3.      What would be the impact on the US’ relations in the rest of the world of either a Trump / Clinton Presidency?
4.      What would be the impact on US’ security (both v. terrorism and enemies) of either a Trump/Clinton Presidency?  This to include NATO, ISIS, Russia, Turkey, others.
What would be the impact on banking and industry?
Impact on decision-making regarding the environment, race issues, and other social concerns
Price:   £20 if you book before 4 October.  £25 from 5 October
How to Sign Up:
1.        Please wire £20 per person to The London Tufts Alliance Account:  Sort Code:  40-04-24,  Bank account:  31346059,  Ref;  Election – Your Name
2.       Please send an email to telling us:  a) the name of all guests you are paying for, the schools they graduated from and their class years (non-US university alumni are welcome to attend as guests), and confirming that you have wired funds to the bank account.