Oxford Based Alumni – take note! An HCUK event in Oxford on June 2nd!

  Oxford Based Alumni – take note!  An HCUK event in Oxford on June 2nd!

            Putting The Soul Back Into Business!
Putting The Soul Back Into Business is finally coming to Oxford!   Together with the Harvard Alumni Club UK, for the last 3 years we have been bringing together social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs and welcome any individual with a passion for using the business world as a force for positive social change!
Date: Thursday 2nd June
Time: 5.30-7.00pm
Venue: Said Business School, Park End Street, Oxford 0X1 1HP.

Click here to secure a FREE ticket - first come, first served!
1. Baillie Aaron - Founder & CEO, Spark Inside, using professional life coaching to facilitate a more productive, fulfilling and rehabilitative culture throughout the criminal justice system
2. Roy Moed - Founder, LifeBook, documenting the stories of the elderly
3. Patrick Andrews - Founder, Human Organising Project, exploring news ways of leading organisations
4. Steve Turpie - Social Intrapreneur, launching socially responsible initiatives within multinationals
5.  Adrienne Yandell - Work4Good, providing job skills training to help youth in the MENA region.
Plus a selection of speakers in our "Spotlight On The Audience" section, using their entrepreneurial skills to:
 -  help mothers and children in India access medical care;
-   create an app allowing rewards points to be donated to charities; and
-  create an educational wristband for Syrian children in refugee camps.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Any queries, please email thhoward@ btinternet.com