“Earning a Living in the Writing Business”: Harvard Authors Series

Harvard Authors Series – March 17th


 “Earning a Living in the Writing Business” – the next meeting of the Harvard Authors Series on March 17th

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The next evening is planned for March 17th in which we will focus how authors and other professionals are coping with the shifting scene in publishing.

Participants include:

  • Marti Leimbach, H ‘86  -

Marti is a successful author who works includes: Dying Young (also made into a film starring Julia Roberts, Campbell Scott and Vincent D’Onofrio),Sun Dial Street, Love and Houses, Daniel Isn’t Talking, and The Man From Saigon

  • Mildred   Yuan H’04  -  of United Agents LLP

Mildred is a literary agent for many successful authors, many of whom are Harvard grads


  • Guest publisher (details to be confirmed) who will speak about new and innovative publishing options of the future.


Location: Skadden, 40 Bank Street, London. E14 5DS

Cost: £ 15.00 to cover drinks and nibbles.  Any excess will go the Harvard Book Prize Fund.

Any questions please contact: tamara at thhoward@btinternet.com