Plan an Event

The Club regularly holds events primarily in London but also in Oxford and Cambridge and other locales beyond the M25 orbital. We would like to organize more events in other parts of the UK and look to our membership for ideas and assistance on this.

We sponsor some 50 events a year, offering a wide variety intended to appeal to the entire alumni community.  HCUK regularly sponsors theatre, dance and other cultural evenings and outings, as well as speakers from Harvard College, the Graduate Schools and the worldwide Harvard alumni community.  We also organize annual Harvard-Oxford and Harvard-Cambridge dinners and, of course, a communal opportunity to watch The Game, live.  Many of the Club’s events are sponsored together with other university alumni organizations, but most are presented by the HCUK alone.

In addition to events sponsored for the wider HCUK membership, the Club also sponsors many and varied events targeted for recent grads. These are held primarily in London and often in conjunction with other Ivy’s, including monthly drinks get-togethers, Guy Fawkes night, The Game, Texas Exes Halloween party, Rugby , tennis, theatre nights, Valentine’s Day events, All Ivy East India Club black tie events, St Patrick’s Day drinks, Ski trips and Kickball in the spring.

Douglas Nordlinger and Don Guiney run the HCUK events committee. Ian Mok, who heads our recent grads committee, works with Doug and Don to run events for recent grads. Generally, the Club seeks to sponsor events at low or no cost to the Club, with a view to avoiding or minimizing the cost to members and guests and maximize attendance.  Speaking events are typically hosted at a venue provided by a Club member so that there is often no cost to attend.  Tickets for cultural events are typically reserved in advance, so that members will have an opportunity to acquire them at cost.

Doug, Don and Ian welcome ideas and suggestions from members for new events and/or offers of volunteers who can assist in organizing events. Once an idea for an event is approved by the Club’s Executive Committee, a date for the event is scheduled and a venue obtained.  The Club then advertises the event through its website and often by direct e-mail to members.  Volunteers from the Club handle logistics to assure success.

On occasion, the Club also advertises to members events that are sponsored by other organizations but believed by the Club to be of interest to members.

With a well established events infrastructure available to organizers, running an event is fun to do and lets the organizer limit their time commitment.  If you are interested in finding out more about events, please contact the Events Co-Chairs Douglas Nordlinger ( or Caroline Costin-Wright (